Cybersecurity and Visibility for Medical Devices

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CyberMDX provides healthcare centers with cybersecurity technology to protect their connected medical devices and clinical networks. We combine our attacker perspective and rich defense experience to create a new, revolutionary solution to the problem. CyberMDX has successful deployments in multiple healthcare facilities.

Connected Medical Devices: The Weakest and Most Critical Assets

Healthcare providers rely on connected medical devices for their clinical workflows and life-saving treatments. However, unlike other IT assets, connected medical devices are barely protected. As experienced in the recent massive cyber-attacks, the growing cybersecurity concerns include the possibility of shutting down hospital operations via medical device attacks; potential risks associated with patient’s safety and life-threatening activity; financial losses; and reputational damages.

Why Medical Devices Are Vulnerable?


Unpatched Software

Unlike typical computers and devices, most medical devices lack the proper mechanism for security software patching. Due to their long lifespan, it is quite common to find operational medical devices with very old, unpatched operating systems. Moreover, even if updates are possible, as software vulnerabilities are discovered, medical devices remain unprotected for long periods due to long and heavy development validation processes.


Insufficient Security Controls

The majority of medical devices lack basic cybersecurity controls for continuous endpoint security such as EDR (Endpoint Detection and Recovery), anti-virus, firewalls and other authentication mechanisms which are an integral part of the IT toolbox.


Lack of Visibility

Unlike other network assets, connected medical devices are hardly visible in the native IT control systems. IT teams are unable to quantify and identify the devices in real time and as such are unaware of their cybersecurity risk status. Furthermore, it is impossible to recognize compromised medical devices.
You cannot protect what you cannot see.

Our Solution

Our network-based solution – MDefend - is designed to protect medical devices and their clinical networks, supporting hospital IT challenges and workflow. The solution, deployed as a virtual appliance on premise, is achieving the security and visibility objective via four pillars.


Continuous in-depth discovery of medical devices and clinical network assets


Concise risk assessment and security insights tailored to each medical device


Automatic Smart Isolation, reducing the attack surface, hence dramatically decreasing the chances of an attack


AI-based attack detection on top of prevention, resulting in concise alerting, containment and response when a concrete threat appears

Our Leadership

Amir Magner

Co-Founder and CEO
Former Head of the Cyber Division of Israel’s Prime-Minister's Office (PMO); led the national strategic cyber activities in the Country,+20 years of experience in Prime Minister's Office as a senior executive

Moti Shniberg

Co-Founder and Chairman
Serial entrepreneur; Co-founder and Chairman of (acquired by Facebook), and of FDNA, company in field of genomics and precision medicine with revolutionary technology used today by +2,000 clinical sites worldwide

Yuval Bar Gil

Strategic Board Member
Co-Founder & CEO of AeroScout, largest provider of visibility solutions in healthcare market. Successfully launched & installed in thousands of worldwide leading hospitals and healthcare organizations, until its acquisition by Stanley Healthcare; Founded, guided and invested in start-ups & serves on the board of several companies

Motti Sorani

+20 years experience in cyber domain (offensive and defensive), in both governmental units & start-ups. In previous role at Prime-Minister's Office, Motti established a department focusing on cutting-edge cyber capability- managing groups of skilled security researchers, software engineers and dev-ops

Our Advisory Board

Lane Bess

Strategic Advisor
Former CEO of Palo Alto Networks, leading the company to its IPO. Bess is an entrepreneurial spirit who brought Trend Micro Internet Security to market and made it a global name in the 2002-2007 Timeframe and helped build some of the most well-known Internet Security companies. He has held different key positions in multi-national companies such as Zscaler and AT&T.

Prof. Gil David

Scientific Advisor
Professor in machine learning, data mining with +20 years experience in cybersecurity; Advisor to Fortune 500 companies and governmental organizations. Is an active Board member of several leading companies in the sector including Aorato, cyber security company acquired by Microsoft for +$200M. Postdoc degree in Applied Math, Yale University.

Prof. Ari Shamiss

Strategic Advisor
CEO of Assuta Medical Center, largest private hospital network in Israel; Held previous Executive roles in other hospital networks. Prof. Shamiss is involved in numerous global business and healthcare technology projects and provides consultancy services to leading international healthcare organizations

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